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Did you know that some of the country’s most profitable and bottom-line-driven businesses, such as Wal-Mart and Lowes are opting for Single-Ply TPO Roof Over Systems? There is a reason! Commercial TPO membrane roofs are big energy savers, especially in Florida and they are extremely durable. If your business is considering a commercial roof replacement and wishes to fatten its bottom line, then look no further!

Stop fighting with commercial roof repairs and managing the damage caused by a leaky roof. As one of Florida's top commercial roofing companies for the last 33 years, we have been amazed at the durability and uptake of TPO membrane roofs in the commercial building business in Florida. Companies are following the lead of Walmart and Lowes and choosing better roofing systems that are more durable and more energy efficient. 

Why Choose a TPO Membrane for your Commercial Roof?

TPO (thermoplastic polyofin) Membrane roofs are the ideal roofing system for flat, commercial roofing applications. Often referred to as rubber roofs or membrane roofs, these heat-sealed roofing membranes will not have seams and this brings a real advantage in commercial flat roof applications. The completed look is very professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the many benefits of using TPO for a commercial roofing system are:

  • The white TPO material will reflect the vast majority of Florida's powerful sunlight (and heat) away from your business building and that means a guaranteed drop in energy costs!
  • The membrane doesn’t contain chlorine, which means it will not emit anything bad for the environment.
  • The material is very durable and capable of withstanding chemicals, UV rays, and ozone and will hold up better for a longer period of time.
  • TPO can be used in any temperature environment, and will stay pliable in heat or cold so that it will not crack.
  • The installation process creates a seamless roof that will help you avoid leaks in the future.
  • This membrane will be easy to repair if anything should ever damage it.
  • On top of all this, TPO Commercial Membrane Roofs are relatively affordable, especially when compared to the price of other more traditional roofing materials. Because it holds up so well under a variety of harsh conditions, it is the ideal low-maintenance, low cost, energy saving option which actually prevents headaches in the future.

A Commercial Roof Over System from All Weather Roofing, Inc. is not only one of the most preferred commercial roofing systems, but it’s an investment in your company’s bottom line as well! 

Commercial Roof Replacement

17,000 sq. foot condo unit in Kenneth City & 5500 sq. feet condo unit in Bradenton, Cortez Villas.  


Get Help with your Commercial Building Roof

If you have a commercial builsing with a roof that needs repairs or replacement or are looking for a commercial roofing contrator or just have questions, please contact us. Since 1984 we've been one of Tampa Bay's Commercial TPO Membrane roofing installers. We perform free video roof inspections so you can see and verify any damage your roof might have.

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Take a look at some of our commercial roofing project videos showing aerial views of our team working on commercial roofing projects


Commercial Roof Job at at Cortez Villas Complex


Commercial Roofing Project - TPO Membrane Roof Installation

This kind of roof is superior in terms of durability, energy savings and warranty.  


Commercial TPO Roofing Membrane Roof Install



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